Putao Snowland Agarwood

Lastly, we chiseled out the lettering and finally hung a sign at our gate.  The red keystone is a hat tip to Agarwin-Keystone, but also to the State of Pennsylvania, home of our major investor.

Cured with #1 curing salt and spices for 10 days, then rinsed-dried-smoked. This is all for hungry foreigners in Rangoon.

Updates for Fall 2018!

U Hkeeliyeh, U Nanghee, Robert Shin Malaydi, Matthew Brang Shawng, and U Lay May Sar. All are marveling over their work in assembling a true hillbilly power solution.

Another dubious product of China, one of our two expeller presses for seed oil. These are intended for processing the Peruvian oilseed "Sacha Inchi", or "Inca Peanuts", which we are planting now.

Electricity. Even though our agarwood oil stills are built to run on firewood, a little electricity is nice, especially for people staying in our 2nd-floor bunkhouse.  We are aware that landslides are making power from the nearby Upper Namhtum hydropower station unavailable, so finally we built our own generator using a Chinese copy of the excellent Japanese Yanmar 1-cylinder diesel engine and a generic 5kw 20A dynamo.  Ought to last for generations to come.

It's starting to get chilly, and the days are shorter up here at 27 degrees North Latitude. In November-December our team members will be leaving town to bring in the upland hill rice crop. As the days get cooler, butchering and curing hogs are a regular thing in the early mornings.